How could you choose a high quality laser?

This is a compact, well made 5000mw Laser Pointer from HTPOW. It comes with a small (included) Hex wrench and three

AG-13 "button" size batteries (included). The folks at VOKUL sent me a sample for testing and impartial consumer

review. After 2 weeks, here's my experience with this Laser Dot Sight.


It is not a "scope" as the title uses the word in the description. It is a burning laser pointer source that

projects a beam a considerable distance. I am replacing all my scopes with this laser dot light. The beauty is in

not having to look through a lens or line up open sights. Once sighted in, you will hit near the red dot wherever

its showing---assuming no wind issues or too far and bullet drop
I got this Laser Sight this morning. I attached and set it in less than 5 minutes (it is THAT simple!) and is really

accurate, I give it a 5 out of 5 because of this, and because of its cheap price!I mounted this on top of my scope

mount on my AR. The scope mount has additional rail on top of it. Right now I have the laser (easily adjustable)

directly in the crosshairs at 20 yards. Brightness of the laser looks good. I have not shot yet, after I do, I will

add an additional piece of review. So far, so good. A great deal.
I am using it for my M4-177, Steel Force, and sometimes for my Umarex Uzi and Sig MCX.Laser beam. Great for easier

aim in darker environments. The only thing was no instructions, but I saw that you use the screw to determine where

the laser shines. Fit pretty easily and has been working great so far. Very good for the price, at night you can see

it easily across the street.
This is a very cool 300mw Laser Pointer , very sturdy built, very affordable laser. I had it set up and dialed in

within just a few minutes and feel it will serve my needs very well in the future. I've got it mounted on the

accessory rail under the barrel of my Walther PPQ-M2, and now I have a very well set-up firearm. As affordable as

these lasers are, I plan to buy more of them to add to my other pistols as I acquire them.

Very nice sight, fully adjustable, easy to mount and sight in with the included Allen wrenches, it comes with 3

watch batteries and all 3 are needed to power the laser, I mounted it to my pistol self conscious caking crossbow

and test fired and sighted it in all inside of 2 minutes, I'm very pleased, the sight has a side to side and up down

retinal adjustments, I highly recommend